Studies on Medical cannabis

cannabis for harm reduction

   THE OPIOID CRISIS, now  the deadliest drug epidemic in American history, has evolved  significantly over the course of the last two decades. What began as a  sharp rise in prescription-drug overdoses has been eclipsed by a  terrifying spike in deaths driven primarily by illicitly manufactured  synthetic opioids and heroin, with overall opioid deaths climbing to  42,249 in 2016 from 33,091 in 2015. But prescription drugs and the  marketing programs that fuel their sales remain an important contributor  to the larger crisis. Heroin accounted for roughly 15,000 of the opioid  deaths in 2016, for instance, but as many as four out of five heroin  users started out by misusing prescription opioids. As the opioid epidemic worsens, many in the medical establishment are  acknowedging that cannabis can play a role in reducing addiction.