May 17th address to the Tellico Village HOA

In a meet the candidates forum at the Tellico Village Community Church 5th Senate District Democratic candidate Stuart Starr endorses Medical cannabis in TN

What I believe and want I will do

Legalize medical cannabis in Tennessee

With over 26,000 peer-reviewed scientific research studies on cannabis found published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and with an additional documented 140 clinical studies on cannabis, once again Tennessee legislators have failed a countless number of Tennessee patients by failing to pass legislation for safe access to cannabis-based products supported by current research, and recommended by doctors in at least 31 U.S. states, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico.  

Unburdened of Orthodoxy

  • Repeal the "Gas Tax"
  • Lower our Regressive State Sales Tax
  • Support Innovative Education
  • Reduce the Number of Children in DCS Custody
  • Reduce Prison Populations
  • Accept Medicaid Expansion

Working with all parties for paient's rights in Tennessee


I am a member of the National Patients Rights group Safe Access, and the State Safe Access chapter. Safe Access Tennessee brought together Democrats, Republican, independents and Libertarians. United we worked with Republican State Representative Jeremy Faison and Tennessee State Senator Dickerson and other State Republican leaders in crafting and introducing Medical cannabis legislation. It was truly amazing in this time of extreme political partisanship that all these folks could unite behind a single cause. Even as the proposed legislation was continually watered down in order to get passage in some form we all stayed together: United. The Medical Cannabis Only (MCO) legislation was passed by 2 separate committees in the Tennessee State House. Before it could even reach committee in the Senate, Republican Leadership headed by Lt. Governor Randy McNally killed the legislation. There would be no medical cannabis for the patients of Tennessee in 2018.